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Purple Diamonds

Pure natural purple diamonds are so rare they are almost non-existent. They often have pink or gray modifiers, which will deprive them of the denomination fancy purple in the laboratory report. These mixed purple colors are slightly more common on the market, and you can find gorgeous pinkish purple, grayish purple or purplish pink diamonds, in stunning lilac or lavender hues. Another extremely rare member of the purple diamond family is fancy violet diamonds, which very often come with gray or blue as secondary colors. Pure purple and violet diamonds are true collector’s or high end investment items.

Purple diamonds have the same problem as pink diamonds when it comes to clarity. Their color is thought to be the result of extremely high pressures during their rising through the earth, and consequently, the purple diamonds also often have impurities, because of the rough conditions the crystal has been subject to. This is inherent to the origin of natural purple diamonds, and is thus not considered as a negative aspect, so long as it doesn’t affect the beauty or life of the diamond.

Most of the pure purple and violet diamonds produced in the world come from Russia, whereas grayish or pinkish purple diamonds can come from the Argyle mine in Australia.


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