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Founding Chairman of AFCDIA – Ms. Lily Leung Lai Lam

Ms. Leung Lai Lam (Lily) was born and raised in Hong Kong. In 2008, she graduated from the City University of New York (CUNY) with a Master Degree in Finance. Lily received a GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional Program (AJP) Diploma in 2008 and also the Graduate Diamonds Program Diploma in 2009.

Lily started her career in Finance but after a few years dealing with intangible financial products, she found her true calling in the jewelry business. Except support her own family diamond wholesale business. She was appointed as a consultant and specialist in the Watch and Jewellery Department of Poly Auction, a Beijing-based auction house which set up an office in Hong Kong. She was recruited to be the Deputy General Manager of the Jewellery Department of Sun International Auction in 2014, a position which she continues to hold today.

Lily’s career in the jewelry business was complemented by her interest in contemporary Chinese art. She believes that diamonds and especially fancy color diamonds are amongst the most beautiful work of art created by nature. She observed that many subjects of the finest painting are beautiful landscapes, and Nature’s creations such as flowers, animals large and small. Many jewelry designs are also inspired by nature such as the Cartier Cougar or the beautiful butterfly designs.

She believes that disciplined brand management is an important ingredient of any effort to develop a larger market for color diamonds in Asia and China. To be successful, the color diamond industry will need to harness what the West has to offer in design and integrate it with the unique market characteristics of consumer preferences in Asia and especially in China.  In her career, Lily has the opportunity to travel extensively in Europe as well as in China. She believes that her experience in both the art world and the jewelry industry has been a very important asset to her career development.

Lily Leung is honored to be able to serve as Founding Chairman of the AFCDIA which aspires to create new market opportunities for color diamonds in Asia.  She is prepared to dedicate substantial time and energy to use her expertise about China and her passion for color diamond to work with a group of dedicated and professionals engaged in the color diamond business to expand the market for color diamonds. Lily’s motto for the AFCDIA is that the future of Color Diamonds is in our hands today! The AFCDIA hope to be able to play a meaningful role to realize this market opportunity in Asia and China.


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Asia Fancy Color Diamond Association (“AFCDIA”) is trade promotion organization headquartered in Hong Kong with the primary objective to promote the development of the color diamond industry in Asia, with particular emphasis on the Greater China markets. READ MORE