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Asia Fancy Color Diamond Association (“AFCDIA”) is trade promotion organization headquartered in Hong Kong with the primary objective to promote the development of the color diamond industry in Asia, with particular emphasis on the Greater China markets. We believe that Hong Kong provides an important gateway to the People’s Republic of China which is an important part of the supply chain for the manufacture of color diamonds jewelry. Hong Kong also offers unparalleled design and marketing resources which is essential to support the development of the color diamond industry in an Asian time zone. China is also an extremely important end consumer market.  AFCDIA intends to position itself as a unique forum for players in the color diamond industry to pool their collective expertise in an open and entrepreneurial environment to share ideas and to implement education, training and marketing program to position color diamonds as an exciting complement to white diamonds.

The founding members of AFCDIA consists of a small group of companies and professional engaged in the diamond business who is willing to dedicate their time and financial resources to promote color diamonds in the context of a fast evolving market place where time-tested conventional wisdoms are being challenged on a daily basis.  The great divide between convention brick and mortar retail networks and internet players are being blurred. Established players will need to re-invent themselves by drawing on the innovativeness of younger smaller new players. AFCDIA aspires to be a conduit to effect change by marshalling the expertise and collective wisdoms of its stakeholders.

To accomplish our mission, we invite application for members from the various countries around the world as well as in Asia, particularly from Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China. AFCDIA will position itself an authoritative bi-lingual (Chinese and English) source of information on every aspect of the color diamond industry. To achieve its goal, AFCDIA will need to draw on the resources of its members and other trade associations by adopting an open and friendly way of doing business.

Membership is invited from companies engaged in the production & trading of colored diamonds, jewelry manufacturers, designers, brick and mortar retailers as well as e-commerce players. We will also offer student membership which including students interested in pursuing careers in the color diamond industry such as the establishment of internship positions in design, marketing and technology with member organization. We will work with universities and other institutions with the intention to upgrade the pool of talents to build a strong foundation to ensure the development of the color diamond industry. AFCDIA invited enquiries from companies based in Asia who are interested to act as Country Representatives to recruit members and share market information about your specific market. We believe we can do so cost effectively by using communication technology and sharing of resources.

The ultimate test of AFCDIA‘s success will be our ability to accelerate the acceptance of colored diamonds as a fashionable and attractive choice for consumers. We will conduct ourselves with the highest degree of integrity and transparency. We invite you to join us on this long and exciting journey.

Board of Directors

Founding Chairman

Ms Lily Leung -Grandeur International Limited

Founding Members

Mr Eliad Cohen -Novel Collection Limited

Mr Simon Zion -Dehres Limited

Board Members

Mr Adhip Sacheti -Galaxy USA HK Limited

Mr Darshit S. Hirani -P. Hirani Diamonds

Mr Francis Cui – HSTC Jewellery

Ms Lisa Li-SLK Diamond Limited

Honorary President

Ms Cally Kwong -Cally K Jewellery Limited

Honorary Advisor

Mr Amit Cohen -Novel Collection Limited

Ms Heidi Chan

Sponsored Members

Company Members

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Asia Fancy Color Diamond Association (“AFCDIA”) is trade promotion organization headquartered in Hong Kong with the primary objective to promote the development of the color diamond industry in Asia, with particular emphasis on the Greater China markets. READ MORE